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Wedding Fact No. 3…
April 21, 2017

…….. from the team at The Chic Wedding Company ….
In English tradition, Wednesday is considered the “Best Day” to marry, although Monday is for “Wealth” and Tuesday is for “Health”. However….Saturday is supposed to be the “Unluckiest” wedding day, according to English folklore which is bizarre as it is still the most popular day of the week to marry!

Many more interesting wedding traditions and facts to follow….xx


April 12, 2017

…all a very Happy Easter… hope you enjoy the holiday, and if you’re hoping for lots of chocolate I’ll keep my fingers crossed the Easter Bunny brings you some…..!

Here at The Chic Wedding Company we are taking a few days off to spend some time with our family and friends, but we’ll back to work creating beautiful weddings and events from Tuesday… xx

Totally love this quote!
April 7, 2017

I “borrowed” this from and we at THE CHIC WEDDING COMPANY absolutely love, love, love it!!  Who agrees with me? x


Baby celebration???
April 1, 2017

Not just Weddings…… Christenings or Baby Namings too!

We at THE CHIC WEDDING COMPANY don’t just help create perfect weddings, but other very special occasions too!

Have a look at a previous Christening we had the pleasure in sprinkling a little bit of our magic…. and it was a great day for family and friends of the cute Oliver William!

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