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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but…..
October 30, 2014

I’m so pleased and proud to be able to share some wonderful comments about The Chic Wedding Company with you …

“Thank you so much, we had a perfect day, I could not have wished for better.”

“I feel like we have become friends over the past few months, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my special day perfect. Hope to see you again soon!”


“I have to please ask you to thank all of our suppliers on the day, they played their parts to perfection and with such professionalism, I literally had no worries at all. I know that that is due to all your efforts on our behalf, and for that I am eternally grateful, but could you also please pass on our thanks to all our suppliers, we were totally blown away by their efforts.”

“My Matron of Honour is a great organiser with an eye for detail (and I say the same about you, only double!!) and I think you will get on like a house on fire!”

xx xx xx


Hey! I saw this lovely post just the other day and had to share it with all you ….xx
October 19, 2014


As promised……..
October 9, 2014

Lago Maggiore_2 2014 167 (180x240)Some pictures from our latest trip to Italy… absolutely stunning place to get married. This trip included, Milan, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and more…but the photos really don’t do it justice. If this is somewhere you might like to “tie the knot” – somewhere that little bit different, then get in touch with me, Wendy, at The Chic Wedding Company on facebook, twitter or our website and I would be more than happy to help. .. Enjoy the pictures! xx
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More news for you Chic Wedding Company friends…….
October 3, 2014

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Just wanted to let you all know that we are back from our latest visit to Italy – The Northern Lakes region this time around. An amazingly beautiful location to tie the knot! And with the stunning views, fabulous weather and lovely venues it is simply perfect if you are thinking of getting married abroad.

We have made some lovely wedding contacts around the area, who would just love to help you create the most wonderfully special wedding day for you and your loved one.

We will be posting some images from our travels very soon… so please watch this space. xx

Well, what can I say? The Wedding of 2014 happened last weekend in Venice, Italy!
October 2, 2014

……th[10] thDQ9FLF43 thGYUH6KKN thKN7EQ7VT thZOUMLVU9 Of course, everyone will know as to which wedding I am referring!! One of the world’s most famous bachelors married his very lovely wife… The new Mr & Mrs Clooney! Everyone was watching and waiting for this event for months and amid much speculation, it finally happened….

However, I just want to say (not smug at all!!!) that my lovely hubby Ray and I were married in Venice – at the ery same Palazzo, and married by the Mayor of Venice holding the post at the time, and were transported by gondola to and from the ceremony and then by private water taxi to The world famous Cipriani hotel for our wedding reception!!!

Are you jealous???? It was THE most amazing day, absolutely perfect from beginning to end, and if any of you lovely engaged couples would love to have this fabulous experience for yourselves, then, of course, get in touch! We are available for inspiration, advice and much, much more and you can find us on Facebook The Chic Wedding Company, Twitter ChicWeddingCo or on our website, and here are some pictures of the famous married couple….. and us! Can you spot the difference?? Haha!! And, one of my favourite photographs, is, what I call my Film Star pose

Our wedding Venice No 1 Our wedding Venice No 2 Our wedding Venice No 3 Our wedding Venice No 4 Our wedding Venice No 5 Our wedding Venice No 6 Our wedding Venice No 7 Our wedding Venice No 8 Our wedding Venice No 9 Our wedding Venice No 10 Our wedding Venice No 11 Our wedding Venice No 12 Our wedding Venice No 13 Our wedding Venice No 14OurWeddingThrs13Sept07 180 OurWeddingThrs13Sept07 182

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