New wedding legislation coming soon…..

Fantastic news!……

Hey! Guess what! From October 2012 all you lovely couples will be able to ‘tie the knot’ whenever you want…

Up until now within England and Wales, the wedding laws state that a ceremony (complete with signing of the Register) must take place between the hours of 8am and 6pm, with very strict exceptions being made for Jewish and Quaker weddings. However, within Scotland there are no such legal restrictions and couples are free to marry at any time of day or evening that they choose.

But come 1st October 2012, a new law, brought in by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, will come into force in England and Wales allowing couples to be married or conduct civil partnerships at any hour, allowing ceremonies to take place around the clock.

Registrar General Sarah Rapson said the change in hours would “allow people to make the day unique to them”.  But it has been stressed by the Home Office that local authorities and religious groups will be able to determine their own timings and not be forced to conduct marriages or civil partnerships outside the traditional hours of 8am and 6pm and the rules of at least 15 clear days advance notice will also still be required.

So what do we think?….

It’s a perfect way to make your day very different, and may open up the opportunity to tie the knot in venues (suitably licensed of course) that are open to the general public during the day and enable weddings (and renewal of vows) to take place after visitors have been and gone.

Of course, it may be beneficial to be married later in the day from a financial point of view… not a very romantic aspect I hear you say, but this means that there will be one wedding reception leading into the night rather than the more traditional day and evening celebrations. This has the potential of reducing the cost somewhat, which in these tough economic times may be what makes it preferable for some couples to decide to get married rather than putting it off until a later date  Or, then again, should you opt for an early morning wedding… it brings a whole new meaning to having a ‘wedding breakfast’!!

So if a midnight wedding or sunrise celebration sounds idyllic, bear in mind your guests!  It may be the most romantic thing for you, but your guests may think otherwise especially if they have to travel any distance, have young children or need accommodation and may find they are unable to attend at such unusual times.

Personally though, as a Wedding Planner, wherever – or from October – whenever you choose to get married is absolutely no problem to us.  Here at THE CHIC WEDDING COMPANY we are available 24/7 as always to make your wedding the perfect day (or night) you wish it to be!

© Wendy Smulski, The Chic Wedding Company


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