Very happy clients!

Very happy clients…..It’s so great to be able to share such wonderful comments.  I love my job!!

“I.wasn’t sure at first if a Wedding Planner was for us. We pretty well knew what we wanted. However, Wendy was able to step in with some lovely suggestions, source one or two items I would never have thought of and was at all times mindful of my daughter and her husband-to-be’s wishes. She also kept us on track so that nothing was overlooked, and acted as a sounding board for worries and decisions. It was so re-assuring to hand the last minute checks and ‘on the day’ arrangements over to Wendy. Her calm competence was so re-assuring I could completely relax and fully enjoy the day. We only have one daughter and I am so pleased that I could leave the worrying to Wendy and spend the day focusing on my daughter before the ceremony, and my family, friends and guests afterwards.

Wendy’s consummate professionalism and attention to detail was exactly what we needed to ensure a perfect day for everyone concerned. You only have one chance for a perfect wedding day and there is no going back to do it again. The new Mr and Mrs, and us as the parents of the bride are all so grateful to The Chic Wedding Company for their discreet presence ‘behind the scenes’ working to ensure flawless organisation and arrangements.”

Mr & Mrs Wilson



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