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Couple get engaged and married on the same day

A pro-active bride-to-be planned her entire Gretna Green wedding without her partner’s knowledge, only popping the question on Leap day last week; the very morning of their big day.

Tracy Davis from Derbyshire took advantage of the tradition which allows women to propose to their men every four years on February 29th, by getting down on one knee last week before her partner of 8 years, Paul, accepted.

While the groom was overjoyed at the prospect of marrying his long term girlfriend, he described Tracy’s marriage proposal as less of a request and more of an order. In Paul’s version of events, he revealed he was woken by his 42-year-old partner and informed they were getting married that same day.

The nutritionist admitted that she’d started to plan the big surprise day last year, arranging all the important details including bridal outfits, flowers and the wedding ceremony itself in secret. The couple exchanged vows at the famous Blacksmith’s Shop in Gretna Green, bride Tracy chose to wed in Gretna as she feels it is the most romantic place in the world.

Organised bride Tracy even arranged for the couple to stay in overnight in a Gretna Green hotel the night before her planned wedding without arousing her partner’s suspicions. While 46-year-old Paul admitted the surprise engagement and wedding hours later came as a bit of a shock, he revealed he was over the moon to finally be married to his partner of 8 years.

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